Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen 2018

Cheap Vlogging CamerasCameras are very expensive, and when it comes to vlogging making the best video is not possible without a high-end camera.

Are there cheap cameras for vlogging with great features?

Yes, in this list you can see all the cheap vlogging cameras to buy in 2018. Furthermore, you can see vlogging cameras with flip screen as they add more fun to the video creation process allowing you to see what you are filming with the help of articulating screens.

By the end of this post, you will be able to figure out which are the best cameras for money and which cameras you should not buy at all.

Without further ado, let’s get into this list of top affordable cameras to buy without breaking the bank.

Choose carefully

Don’t just blindly pick any cheap vlogging camera, make sure that camera has the following features

Higher resolution: If not 4K then 1080p is perfect, 720p won’t produce higher quality.

Flip Screen: Not important but the inclusion of this can be very helpful.

Good battery life: You should at least be able to make the video for 30+ minutes

OIS (Optical Image Stabilization ): Mostly available in higher-end models but few affordable cameras have this feature.
Waterproof: If you make videos in action(raining or playing sports) it’s a must to have feature.

Which camera to pick

Beginners should start with Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder as it offers 1080p video recording, OIS, touch LCD and much more things.

Vloggers looking to upgrade their gadget to something more valuable and cool need to get Canon PowerShot SX710 HS which offers killer features including 1080p resolution, OIS, large LCD and much more, another top choice but bit pricier is Canon PowerShot G9 X to break the barriers to making wonderful YouTube videos with plenty of great features.


Cheap Affordable and Best Budget Cameras

Go through these varying budget cameras including cheaper and expensive cameras to pick top cheap vlogging camera.

Without further ado let’s get into the list of best cameras with a flip screen.

Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Flip Screen CamerasTypeLow-Light QualityResolutionBatteryCheck Price
Panasonic LX10
Editor's Choice
CompactDecent4k260 shots Check Price
Panasonic Lumix G7
Editor's Choice
MirrorlessGood4k30p350 shots Check Price
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark IICompactDecent1080p60265 shots Check Price
Sony a5100MirrorlessExcellent1080p60400 shots Check Price
Canon EOS 80DDSLRExcellent1080p60960 shots Check Price
Canon EOS M3MirrolessExcellent1080p30250 shots Check Price

For making vlog videos for YouTube camcorders and DSLRs are not that perfect and not easy to carry so this post specifically focuses on flip screen cameras for vlogging. This list contains different price ranges cameras like cheap, affordable and best budget.So according to your requirements, you can get your great camera.

Cheap Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

We’ve tested a range of options to suit multiple budgets, so here’s our verdict on the best cameras to kick-start your vlogging career.

1# Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX10K Camera – Best of 2018

Panasonic is one of the good brands when it comes to making best video cameras.It’s pretty close in features with G7X Mark II or you can say better than that.It comes with a faster lens and 4k recording quality to make high-quality videos.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX10K Camera

Panasonic LX10 is capable to record beautiful colors and 4k clips for up to 15 minutes without overheating.Your image quality becomes great with better image stabilization.Also capable to give the best performance in low light and it’s faster lens can zoom out maximum as with other cameras.

As compared with G7X the LX10 gives betters performance and features.If you are not much concerned about autofocus then this might be the best vlogging camera you are looking for.

Overall LX10 offers great 4k recording, good lens quality, compact and small cameras with realistic colors makes it best cameras for vlogging with a flip screen.


2# Panasonic Lumix G7 – Top Selling Flip Screen Camera

Panasonic has developed only a few cameras but they are so good that they are competing for big brands in the market.Similarly, Panasonic Lumix G7 is our favorite vlogging cameras with a flip screen.You will love the additional features these small and lightweight cameras have.

Panasonic Lumix G7

This listed beast offers 4k recording quality, external mic input, and great low-light performance.

To get the best audio quality there is no need to sync audio and video.Additionally, on the hot shoe of the camera, you can set shotgun microphone combined with a gorilla pod to make a perfect vlogging setup.

While trying to get blurred background which is likely to have by vloggers the low-light performance will suffer a bit.That’s because the sensor size goes Micro Four Third which is bit smaller than APS-C found in many mirrorless cameras.

To shoot outside of your home then MFT sensor would be enough for you.This camera can record 4k video at 30fps (frames per second) which is no doubt a good trade.

As this camera doesn’t have a lens with image stabilization and not good to shoot inside your home but overall with great picture quality it’s worthwhile for the amount spent.

3# Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Flip Screen Camera

The latest Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is the popular vlogging camera among many vloggers and YouTubers.

It’s the latest model of its small predecessor G7 X camera.Mark II is faster, gives the best performance in low light and has great battery life and a rubber grip.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

You must be thinking what are the advancements in this model over the previous model with increased price.Mark II is considered great due to the fast f/1.8 24-100mm lens which is capable to zoom out enough while you are holding cameras yourself and recording with it and while setting on the tripod in the home it doesn’t give perspective distortion.

Similarly, it’s 1′ CMOS sensor camera gives the best quality in low light.Its auto-focus is accurate, fast and responsive.While making a video you can change the focus point through touchscreen flip screen with the tip of your fingers while shooting the video.

Another advancement is time-lapse recording mode that was not available in the previous version.

Talking about the quality of this camera thanks to its lens, in auto mode and manual mode you can record high-quality vlogs as per your own requirements.

Few downsides are still noticed in this latest version like no mic input but it does have an improved battery life which makes it one of the best compact cameras.

Overall with great quality and features and advancements over the previous model Mark II is a high ticket vlogging camera with the flip screen but if you are upgrading from the cheaper camera then it’s recommended to go for it.


4# Sony a5100 – Cheap Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

When we talk about mirrorless cameras Sony is the one that comes in mind.They gave fame to these cameras as a real competitor of DSLR’s.

Sony A5100 Digital Camera

The models recently offered by Sony are Sony Alpha 6000, 6300 and 6500 with amazing customer ratings they are going better than the DSLR. But these models lack flip out screen. The only recent model a5100 contains the flip screen with the camera, which allows you to watch your own video while recording simply by turning the flip screen towards your side.

It’s best for video blogs although it lacks viewfinder but has a nice flip screen, offers great 1080p60 video quality, ASP-C sensor that works perfectly in low-light and one of the best things it’s lightweight and easy to carry along.The thing it lacks is external microphone port but that’s not a big deal at this cheap price.

We recommend this mirrorless camera to vloggers as it’s cheap vlogging cameras with a flip screen.If you are a beginner vlogger and looking for something best then getting a5100 in this smallest amount of money is worth paying.Not because it’s cheap but it’s best to shoot videos indoor which feature is mostly found inexpensive(cheapest) cameras like G7X.


5# Canon EOS 80D – Best DSLR for vlogging

Have you ever thought of what vlogging camera does YouTubers use? Today you will be aware of this fact because this is the camera most of the popular YouTubers like Casey Neistat and Jake Paul are using.

These popular YouTubers use these cameras to make quality vlogs for their YouTube audience.

Canon EOS 80D

We cannot say that DSLR’s are not useful in vlogging, while few of their models are giving excellent performance for vlogger.

With that said, Canon EOS 80D is one of those excellent cameras for vlogging. It offers great autofocus for video, flip-out screen, nice battery life and an external mic port which is great.

It’s the latest version comes with a sensor and processor which improves the image quality over its predecessor 70D. It’s not that bulky and easy to carry which is good being a DLSR camera.

Using this camera with a gorilla pad and a good 24mm lens by the Canon offers you can get more advantage from this camera.

Overall, with nice flip out screen and small size with increase battery life and including all other features Canon 80D is our editor’s choice of vlogging cameras with flip screen and you can buy it right now.


6# Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M3 is a big sensor in a small body.It weighs a bit more than G7X and size of the sensor is equal to 80D.

It’s capable to record at 1080p30 except for 4k and gives great image quality in this price range.The low-light performance is not that good.But it helps you achieve what you need to make vlogging much easier without paying that much.

Canon EOS M3

Being a good mirrorless camera it provides almost everything you will need as a video blogger to record good videos.It offers flip screen, external microphone port, good image quality, WiFi connectivity, and Touchscreen.

It is not that good enough to beat Sony in the market for mirrorless cameras.Sony offers great quality mirrorless cameras in the same price range.But some of them are not good for vlogging like this one that’s why it stands out for vlogging.

As a video creator, you are always dealing with flip screen and better audio and this is the camera that deals them best.Canon EOS M is an almost perfect balance between quality, price and vlog-friendly features.It’s also best for low-light performance and you can use all Canon lenses with this camera. You might find a top mid-range camera in less bucks with good features. If you prefer camera with top features then dollars shouldn’t be the concern.

Here are few more cheap vlogging cameras 

  • Canon PowerShot SX730 Digital Camera.
  • Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder.
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK DSLM Mirrorless 4K Camera.
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera Wi-Fi Enabled.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit.
  • Canon PowerShot S120 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera.
  • Canon VIXIA HF G40 Camcorder.

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